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Restaurant Oil Disposal

Every restaurant needs an eco-friendly way to dispose of its unwanted used cooking oil. We provide you with a container that meets your needs and set up a schedule so you do not have to call us to pick up. However, if you are in need of an extra pick up we’re always available to help.

cooking oil disposal service

Grease Trap Services

Regularly cleaning of your grease trap is required in order to avoid any plumbing hazards. Potentially costing you hundreds in unwanted costs. If you are in need of a grease trap service we handle this service as well. Whether it is a small grease trap under the kitchen sink or a larger grease trap found in the parking lot, we will take care of this for you. Our work is 100% guaranteed! If you are unsatisfied with our work please let us know and we will go again until the job is done. Give us a call to schedule a one time service or we can also set up a schedule and we will take care of the rest. Feel free to also use our inquiry page to request service.

Cleaning of the hood exhaust is necessary in order to keep your kitchen in pristine condition and avoid fires that can result from grease build up. If you are in need of hood cleaning we handle this service as well. We handle this on a case to case basis. This includes cleaning of the blower, the duct, the hood, and replacement of the filters. If you need service please contact us so that we can go out to your restaurant and give you a quote. Quotes are absolutely free and cost of service is often offset by oil collection as a bundled service.


Used Cooking Oil (Bulk)

If you collect used cooking oil and are looking for new opportunities to sell your product please contact us. We buy used cooking oil in bulk. We will work with you in order to give you a competitive price for your product.

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