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Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Our Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Regularly cleaning of your grease trap is imperative to keep your plumbing systems operating as they are intended. Failure to clean a grease trap on a regular schedule can lead to years of costly repairs. As part of our kitchen grease suite of services we regularly perform grease trap cleaning for hundreds of Southern California restaurants. Whether you have a small grease trap under a kitchen sink or a larger grease trap found in the parking lot, we can service it!

The Importance of Regular Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease trap cleaning and maintenance is essential for restaurants to ensure compliance with local laws, maintain kitchen hygiene and safety, and reduce unpleasant odors. By investing in the right equipment and systems, restaurants can create a much safer environment while also minimizing their environmental impact. 

Grease traps help capture fats, oil, grease and other solid waste before it enters plumbing systems or seeps into waterways. This process is important not only for health reasons but also to help protect local soil, water supplies and vegetation from contamination due to these pollutants. Grease trap cleaning should be done regularly in order to maximize its effectiveness as well as ensuring that all necessary precautions are taken when disposing of oils and solids collected in the grease trap.

The most important benefit of grease trap service is that it helps keep kitchens compliant with local laws. In many places, it is illegal for restaurants dump used cooking oil directly into drains or wastewater treatment plants; regular maintenance ensures that this isn’t happening and prevents fines associated with infractions related to improper disposal of cooking oils. 

By properly maintaining grease traps, restaurants can also minimize unpleasant odors associated with grease build-up in the pipes, drains and even near external walls or windows due to overflows caused by improper capture of waste materials. This helps create a much cleaner environment for restaurant staff and guests alike which further contributes towards improved health standards at the establishment. 

Finally, by investing in proper maintenance procedures such as cleaning out accumulated materials on a regular basis or using bacteria-based treatments to break down solid wastes more efficiently, restaurants can reduce their environmental footprint by cutting down on energy costs associated with disposing via traditional methods such as burning or dumping wastes into landfills—as well as avoid potential problems from clogged pipes which could lead to costly repairs or replacement of plumbing fixtures. 

All in all, proper and regular maintenance of grease traps at restaurants is essential for staying compliant with regulations related to food safety as well as helping protect local water supplies from contamination caused by improperly disposed pollutants; furthermore, it reduces unpleasant odors within the kitchen area and saves money by reducing energy costs associated with traditional disposal methods—making it one of the best investments a restaurant can make when it comes to creating an efficient environment that maximizes profits while keeping everyone safe from hazardous materials.

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