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Hood Cleaning Service


Our Hood Cleaning Service

Cleaning of the hood exhaust is necessary in order to keep your kitchen in pristine condition and avoid fires that can result from grease build up. 

Our kitchen hood cleaning service includes cleaning of the blower, the duct, the hood, and replacement of the filters. 

The Importance of Regular Hood Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining kitchen exhaust hoods on a regular basis is essential for restaurants to ensure the safety and cleanliness of their staff and guests, as well as helping to maintain compliance with local regulations. Kitchen exhaust hoods are designed to filter out airborne pollutants such as cooking oil vapors, smoke, steam, odors and grease from restaurant kitchens; however, if not properly maintained these particles can become trapped in the filters and other parts leading to fire hazards or health risks due to accumulation of hazardous materials.

Cleaning exhaust hoods regularly helps reduce the risk of fire by removing built-up grease that can potentially ignite when exposed to heat. Taking proper care of exhaust hoods on a regular interval also ensures that they’re performing at maximum efficiency by ensuring that all parts are free of debris which can inhibit airflow and increase energy costs associated with powering this equipment. 

Regular kitchen exhaust hood cleaning also improves indoor air quality. Kitchen fumes from cooking oils and other substances can create dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide which have been linked to respiratory conditions—particularly in those working in kitchens for long periods of time. Cleaning the hood regularly helps prevent these dangerous gasses from becoming trapped inside the kitchen area, thus improving air quality for both restaurant staff and customers alike. 

And, of course, keeping exhaust hoods clean also helps maintain compliance with local regulations related to restaurant hygiene—as inspections are often conducted on these systems in order to ensure they’re functioning correctly and meeting required standards. Regular maintenance not only reduces potential fines but also serves as an assurance that operations are being performed within legal limits so businesses don’t inadvertently put themselves at risk for infractions concerning safety processes or pollutant levels exceeding acceptable limits set by government bodies. 

All things considered, it’s clear why investing in proper maintenance routines for kitchen exhaust systems is absolutely essential for restaurants—by doing so they not only protect themselves from potential liabilities caused by inadequate systems but also make sure their establishments meet necessary hygiene requirements while contributing towards improved air quality within their premises.

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