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Meat, Fat, & Bone Waste Removal

meat, fat, and bone removal service

Our Meat, Fat, & Bone Removal Service

Every restaurant needs an easy, compliant way to dispose of its meat, fat, and bone scraps. At Reyes Energy, we provide an eco-friendly solution to your animal byproduct waste needs needs by recycling it! Simply request a container that meets your needs and we’ll pick up your animal waste on a regular schedule. Your meat, fat, and bone scraps are brought to our facility, processed, and sent on for conversion to biodiesel.

The Importance of Proper Meat, Fat, & Bone Disposal

Meat-based food waste is a major source of potentially hazardous materials that can drastically impact human and animal wellbeing, as well as the environment. To minimize this health risk, it’s essential to properly discard these items in an appropriate manner before they begin to decompose – releasing toxins that may harm us all.

Partner with us for your meat by-product services and you can trust that the rendering industry’s leader is on your side. Our experienced team of professionals help make sure no food waste goes to waste, efficiently meeting all recycling needs.

Our Process

At Reyes Energy, our goal is to dispose of your meat-based waste in a sustainable way. To achieve this goal, we collect an array of materials from fat trimmings to bones and expired or excess meats sourced from supermarkets, butcher shops among other industrial processing locations. We then take these mixed items for rendering at our plants where they are repurposed into biofuel ingredients that can be used as animal food additives too! See how your business could benefit from our service areas offerings by contacting us today!

Full-Service Management for Meat Waste Disposal & Recycling

  • We deliver storage containers to meet your volume needs
  • We set up a service custom service schedule to collect and recycle perishable meat by-products
  • Our licensed professionals use specialized, equipment for quick and efficient removal
  • Our technicians ensure clean and sanitary transfer of material from your location to our processing facility 
  • Material is handled responsibly and in accordance with all governing regulations 
  • We supply an itemized invoice of services and full traceability of all removed material

Benefits of rendering versus disposal

  • You help divert organic materials from landfills, compost heaps and ground burials
  • You help capture readily available carbon and nitrogen and eliminate harmful emissions
  • You help reduce demand for fossil fuels by recycling fats into biofuels

Put Your Food Waste to Work! 

Through the rendering process, we turn all materials collected into eco-friendly ingredients. These are then used in numerous industries from animal feed and pet food to renewable diesel, organic fertilizer, cosmetics and many more — making their way into everyday products you know well.

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