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A Trusted Resource for Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens, and Grocery Outlets

Since our inception, Reyes Energy Corporation has been a leading provider of commercial kitchen services. We’re dedicated to helping our clients operate more efficiently and safely, while also protecting the environment.

Our team of experienced professionals provides top-quality service that is reliable and efficient. We value clear communication with our clients, and we work hard to meet their needs. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the trust of hundreds of businesses throughout Southern California.


Our mission at Reyes Energy is to simplify the operation of food service providers through the provision of  top quality restaurant support services. 


We aim to help create cleaner, safer working environments and natural eco-systems through the execution of proper cleaning and responsible recycling practices.


We value clear communication, high performance from our team and respect for our business partners.

Founders & Owners

Pablo Reyes

Pablo Reyes founded Reyes Energy in 2010 with a dream of being a leader in the kitchen support industry. Since then, Pablo has built the company into the best service provider in the Southern California Area. 

From humble beginnings in Central Mexico, Pablo has strived like many others to achieve the American Dream.  Through hard work, determination and grit, Pablo is proud to have built a company that allows its clients to focus on their core businesses.

Abel Reyes

Abel Reyes began his journey with Reyes Energy in 2014. Splitting his time between school and work, he learned the ins and outs of the business from his father, Pablo. Graduating from Loyola Marymount in 2019 and a current candidate for an MBA at the UC Davis school of management, Abel is committed to helping fulfill his father’s goals for Reyes Energy.